Kazuo Suzuki

Born in Mie Prefecture, Japan in 1949. After engaged in advertizing for Seibu Department Store and Parco, he established Kazuo Suzuki Design Studio in 1985. He started design activities based on the local community and has produced corporate identities for various companies including FBC (Fukui Broadcasting Corporation), Matsubun Industries, FIT, Ishimori, etc. In addition, he has devoted himself to PR activities for traditional craftworks in the region, including Echizen Washi (paper), Echizen Shikki (lacquer ware) and Echizen Yaki (ceramic). By request, he has been working as a instructor on design of Echizen Washi from 1987 to 1989, as a instructor on design development of Echizen Shikki from 1989 to 1992 and as a technical adviser for Fukui Prefecture from 1992 up to this date. In 1994 he directed projects like Heartpia Harue, Mikuni Cultural Future Center, International Art Festival in Fukui, etc. as a total design producer. He designed the logo for Harmony Hall Fukui (Prefectural Concert Hall) in 1997. He has participated in various domestic or international exhibitions including "Save the Earch" Poster Exhibition in 1990 and EKOPLA GAT'90. He aims at complex design activities based on the provincial merits. / AWARDS :Japan Magazine Advertising Award • Silver Prize, Japan Train Poster Exhibition • Insatsujiho-sha Prize, All Japan Calendar Exhibition • Grand Prize, Fukui Advertizing Award • Special Prize, International Lacquer Ware Design Competition, 1991, 1996