MaruTomi III

Collection of Interior Goods by Italian Architects

MaruTomi III, the further developed stage of Marutomi I, is a collection of interior goods "made of plastics with polyurethane coating". They have been dev eloped based on the concept "GOOD DESIGN, REASONABLE PRICE, HIGH QUALITY AND LONG LIFE".

Under the direction by Masanori Umeda as the design producer, deskware, tableware, flower vases, photo frames, thermometers, etc. have been designed by Ettore Sottsass, Andrea Branzi, Denis Santachiara, Marco Zanini, Giovanni Levanti, James Irvine and Masanori Umeda himself.

MaruTomi I enjoyed a good reputation with Sottsass's BASILICO, BASILICO BIG, MIRTO and SENAPE winning the DESIGN PLUS AWARD and Umeda's YANTRA-T and OMBRA respectively added to the permanent collections at the Denver Art Museum and the Chicago Athenaeum: the Museum of Architecture and Design.

Equally admired i s MaruTomi III, with Santachiara's PORTHOS winning the FORM '99 AWARD and Levanti's ITALO and BIG ITALO the DESIGN PLUS AWARD.

MaruTomi III is the collection of interior goods for the 21st century, born by the happy marriage of the aesthetic sense and the coating technique seen in the "urushi" art to the Italian sensitivity.